June 2024
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About the project
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The project „Foundation and development of cultural tourism through the different countries NGO’s experience” is managed by Local action group of Rokiškis district and partners from Estonia and Norway.

Value of the project: 23 850 Lt (6 907 EUR) (53 000 DKK)

Support programme: Support Programme for NGO cooperation among the Nordic and Baltic countries

The overall objective of support program for NGO cooperation among the Nordic and Baltic countries is sharing the Estonian and Norwegian experience of NGO’s in local action group of Rokiškis area communities, to develop capacity how to create new ideas, new services in the territory, through the cultural, historical sites, reducing social isolation and poverty.

By the project activities achieved results that have long term effects for communities of rural areas that were involved in the project. Village people acquired the knowledge and skills that will be able to use for business creation, activation for activities in rural areas and development.

Activities of the project:
Outgoing consultations-discussions to the rural communities – international working group (representatives from Lithuania (Rokiškis), Estonia and Norway) in three rural territories of Rokiškis region (Panemunėlis, Kazliškis Kamajai rural areas) will work for two days - there will get acquainted with the local situation, will meet with local communities to share their entrepreneurial experience, ideas and knowledge, will organize people's consulting.

Website creation with database of tourist route in Rokiškis region, (Panemunėlis, Kazliškis Kamajai rural areas), information for database will collect project applicant. Database - to promote services offered in communities territories for tourists (Lithuanian – English languages).

Project publicity: will be described the project activities and achievements in Rokiškis region municipality website www.rokiskis.lt and the applicant's website www.rokiskiovvg.lt.

Conference: presented project experience for Rokiškis region public and local government representatives. Questionnaire organization - interviewed people participated in the project about the project results impact.

Target group- Rokiškis region Panemunėlis, Kazliškis and Kamajai rural areas people.