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Points of interest
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  1. Independence Square, a place of repressive institutions and intimidation during the Soviet repression, but preserved the Independence Monument throughout the occupation. Rokiškis
    1. Memorial monument to the deportees with "Rūpintojėlis", surrounded by pebbles-tombstones with the names of the people of the Rokiškis region who died in exile. Rokiškis.
      1. 1991 The tomb of Alvydas Matulka, the defender of the January 13 freedom, reminding of all the people of the country who were on duty at the Television Tower and the Parliament. Rokiškis cemetery.
        1. Partisan bunker (rebuilt). Here in 1949. November 14 freedom fighters were killed, along with them and the poet Diana Glemžaitė-Bulovienė. Plunksnočių forest.
          1. 1918 Birthplace of Vladas Mironas, the signatory of the February 16th Act, the Prime Minister of Lithuania between the wars, who was later imprisoned and died in the camp. Kuodiškės.
            1. Monument "Angel", dedicated to the memory of the joint operation of the partisans of North-Eastern Lithuania and the dead freedom fighters of this country. Panemunis.
              1. The desecrated remains of 14 partisans were thrown into a well near the mill. The fighting took place in 1946. December 12 Notigolos in the swamp. Pandėlys.
                1. Birthplace of Lithuanian scout Marcelė Kubiliūtė, who won all the highest intergovernmental Lithuanian government awards. Tindžiuliai.
                  1. Monuments to partisan commanders, 1949 February 16 LLKS declarations to signatories Vytautas Gužas-Kardas and Leonardas Grigonis-Užpalis in their homelands. Kazliškis and Sėlynė.
                    1. 2014 a monument demolished during the Soviet era was restored in 1941. In memory of the June insurgents and the victims of Soviet repression. It was established in 1942. built by locals. Obelių cemetery.
                      1. The place of the Battle of pinewood. It is marked by a memorial sign and a restored bunker. 1945 July 13 The Battle of the Obeliai pinewood famous for winning a guerrilla victory against Russian soldiers. Mažeikiai forest.
                        1. Museum of the History of Freedom Fights. Founded on the basis of a collection donated by Andrius Dručkus, a former partisan, teacher and honorary citizen of Rokiškis region. Obeliai.